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With this $ 30 endoscope camera, you can look in hard-to-reach places

With so much time spent at home lately, this is now the perfect opportunity to tackle even the most difficult household projects. Whether you're examining that nasty blockage in your shower or fishing out all the things that have fallen under your fridge over the years, these dirty jobs are practically impossible without the right tools. But why bother hiring a specialist when the solution could be as simple as getting a closer look?

Take matters into your own hands with the Sinji Borescope, a flexible inspection camera that works wirelessly with your iOS or Android device. Simply download the Sinji app to your mobile device, connect the endoscope via WLAN and you can start exploring.

With the 2 m long cable you can easily display areas that are difficult to access, with the six adjustable LED lights of the endoscope you can be very close even in the darkest areas, record your results in HD and immediately save the footage on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Sinji endoscope is IP67 waterproof, has an 8mm camera lens with a wide viewing angle of 70 °, and is even equipped with a hook and magnet to hold commonly used items such as keys under a couch or an earring in the drain to be able to find it quickly.

This is a tool that you may not think you will need often, but when you need it you will be thrilled to have it. At the moment, you can pick up your own Sinji endoscope through VB Deals for just $ 29.95, more than 20 percent of the list price.

Subject to price changes.

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