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The rumors about Google's 2020 pixel phones are getting stranger by the minute

Google's 2020 pixel lineup may look a little different than usual if the latest product names in the company's Google search app are evidence of this. Instead of the expected Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL monikers, Google is apparently working on a "Pixel 4a (5G)" and a "Pixel 5". over 9to5Google.

These two phones were previously discovered under the code names "Redfin" and "Bramble" XDA developer. Both should offer a Snapdragon 765G processor with built-in 5G support. There was also a third device, code-named "Sunfish," with a Snapdragon 730. However, today's leak confirms which phone names match each of these code names, and it could mean a big change to Google's pixel strategy this year.

The last device is the simplest: "Sunfish" is the already fully leaked Pixel 4A, which makes sense in view of Google's use of a mid-range Qualcomm processor in Pixel 3A last year to keep costs down. However, the Google Search app code also shows that "Redfin" and "Bramble" – the two Snapdragon 765 phones – are Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A (5G). Also noteworthy: No Pixel 5 XL model is listed.

What all this means for the shape of the Google phone series 2020 is still unclear. Does the Pixel 5 offer some significant technical differences that go beyond the processors to differentiate it, like last year's Pixel 4 face-unlock camera or another new hardware innovation? Is the Pixel 4A (5G) the new smaller "flagship" pixel, while the Pixel 5 will be the larger "XL" phone? With this year's lineup, is Google only aiming for a lower offer and offering a single top device? Is there a Pixel 5 XL that has not yet leaked? And how will the new product line – with a less powerful processor than Qualcomm's top Snapdragon 865 chipset – compare in terms of performance and price compared to other Android flagships?

It is currently difficult to answer one of these questions. From today's leak, however, it appears that this year's Pixel range will almost certainly look very different from Google's previous offerings.

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