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The Last of Us Part II – Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Apocalypse

Sony's Last of Us Part II will be released on June 19 on PlayStation 4 as one of the last major exclusive products to be released before PlayStation 5 launches in the fall.

I went through the game a couple of times and played some roles on the most difficult difficulty. Here are my recommendations on how to get the best results. I think this is one of the best games of the year and I encourage you to enjoy both the whole story of the game and its gameplay. You should not hurry to do this. The last of us part II is worth a visit.

I've kept this story as free from spoilers as possible, but the advice still applies to many situations. I have divided these tips into "always", "sometimes" and "never". These are tips that you should always or sometimes do depending on the circumstances, and I also add some things that you should never do.

Always tip

Above: These clickers are back in The Last of Us Part II.

Photo credit: Naughty Dog / Sony

You should always do the following:

Set your difficulty correctly

I played normally and made sure I could get through in time to check it out. Fortunately, I had a lot of time and finished it in 40 hours, with just a few sections requiring many deaths and resuscitations to get through. The Last of Us Part II has numerous accessibility tools that you can use to adapt the game to your level of play. Use them.

Remember: this is a different game

The last of us Part II gives you a lot more options than the original. You can crawl through grass, hide under trucks, squeeze through cracks in walls, and do many other things that give you an edge in tactical combat. You need to unlearn the way you fought in the first game, take advantage of things like ropes, and engage in three-dimensional fights by climbing a hill. As Spock realizes, Khan thinks in two dimensions instead of three Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


List mode is back and allows you to use your character's super good hearing to find out where enemies are, even when they're behind walls or other barriers. The list mode (the R1 key) gives you situational awareness to keep an eye on several enemies at the same time.

Use stones and bottles

When three enemies approach your position, you can take them off your back by throwing a bottle or brick to distract them. You don't have an endless supply of bricks and bottles, but these are the cheapest type of ammunition that can give you a tactical edge.

Look everywhere

While you can explore lots of empty drawers in The Last of Us Part II, you'll also get rewards by searching every possible part of the scope for hidden resources. Prey is very rare. If you find it, it's a reason to celebrate. You can even find things underwater, although that's relatively rare. When I played through it for the first time, I didn't do that much at all. So don't forget that.

Train yourself to get headshots

Aiming weapons is not easy in The Last of Us Part II. But headshots pay off immediately for many enemies. A human could take four bullets to kill if you don't get a headshot, and that gives another enemy enough time to flank you. If you can take the extra time to get headshots, everything will be easier in combat. This is not always practical advice, but you should strive to get there.

Try to flank enemies

Ellie uses stealth in the forest.

Above: Ellie uses stealth in the forest.

Photo credit: Sony

If enemies attack you head-on, remember that you can flank them and take them out from the side. There are many alternative routes built into the game that allow you to stay hidden or return to the hidden.

Check body

You have to see what the enemies drop when you take them out. So don't forget to search for bodies.

Read notes

Don't be in a hurry. Part of the beauty of the game is writing and deep history. And some of them can be found in the notes that you find along the way. Many of these notes are the last words from people who sometimes fell years ago. Your stories are so sad and they give you a sense of the level of sadness from the Apocalypse.

This definitely slows down your progress in the main story, but it gives you some context and empathy for the sadness of this world. You will also find that the notes can lead you to find combinations for safes.

Open safes

The last of us part II

Above: Slow down in Part II of The Last of Us.

Photo credit: Naughty Dog / Sony

If you come across a safe, you have to open it to get the goodies. You can often find manuals that teach you how to make something new. And nearby clues help with the combination. Don't skip the safes. Otherwise, you will not ascend properly.

First, get the faster or easier enemies out

Unfortunately, if you want to make sure you stay hidden, you'll have to take down the enemy's attack dogs first. Dogs can smell you and follow your path unless you distract them by throwing a bottle or brick. (And yes, you do have to kill most dogs, although you can pet one from time to time.) You can also take out annoying runners before you face more difficult opponents like clickers or shamblers.

Be ready for big battles

You should collect resources, load weapons and ammunition, and then use that ammunition sparingly until you get into a major battle. You will know the great battles when you get into them. But you really need these weapons when you get into bigger fights with shamblers, groups of clickers and other bosses. Don't skip collecting resources even if you want to speed up the progress of your story.

Sometimes tips

Better take this dog out first in The Last of Us Part II.

Above: Better take this dog out first in The Last of Us Part II.

Photo credit: Naughty Dog / Sony

Sometimes you should:

If in doubt, stand on something

If you stand on an object like a railroad car or a large block, you can save your life in several moments of the game. Shambler, the chubby bosses who can easily tear you apart and poison you with a large gas fart cloud (OK, it's probably not a fart) won't kill you if you're on a block. It's stupid because they're often bigger than the blocks, but they're too stupid to kill you up there. You can take out your guns and shoot them in the head at close range. I have died many times to bring you this information.

You can also make a recent stand in a high position if four or five infected follow you. You can take them out one by one while slowly rising and being vulnerable. In general, you should always try to be on a hill.

Match the weapon to the enemy

The last of us part II

Above: A knife doesn't work against a walker in The Last of Us Part II.

Photo credit: Naughty Dog / Sony

When faced with a shambler, the big fart boss, you can mitigate it with an explosive. You're stupid, so putting a trap mine in a door can take one out. If not, you can finish it off with a headshot or shotgun.

Ellie always has a knife that is handy for runners or when you jump on clickers from behind. Large melee weapons work well on humans and are even more deadly if you can make scissors over the melee weapon. If people are chasing you in packs, use a silencer gun to take them out.

It's the worst thing in the world when you've used up your shotgun cartridges and then a clicker or shambler shows up with a group of friends. So use the right weapon for the job, but don't go too far and use a pipe bomb or flamethrower on a runner. Save it for the shambler and real beasts.

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