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Teatime Games launches Trivia Royale with games for 1,000 players on iOS

Tea time launches Trivia Royale, a mobile game in which 1,000 players compete against the last person in a trivia duel. The game is the first of the makers of the quiz game QuizUp, since they founded a new company in 2017.

Under the direction of Thor Fridriksson, the team wanted to combine the fun of real-time games like QuizUp with the concept of the Battle Royale, in which usually a hundred competitors compete to be the only survivor. "We mixed quiz-up and real-time quizzes and implemented the royale concept," said Fridriksson in an interview with GamesBeat. "You are playing against 1,000 other players and your goal is to be the last one left."

If you win, you will be classified as a Royale or Elite player who can chat with other Royales. I won the game in a trial version the first time I tried it. Fridriksson said the game probably had a combination of bots and human players (mostly Canadians), but the use of bots is likely to go away once the human audience starts playing today. Fridriksson assures me that it is difficult to be a winner on the first try, even if bots are used.

The game comes from Fridriksson's former QuizUp team leaders in Reykjavik, Iceland. Fridriksson's former company, Plain Vanilla Games, developed QuizUp in 2013 as a mobile quiz game. It has over 100 million downloads. Glu Mobile acquired Plain Vanilla Games in 2015 and Fridriksson founded his new company in 2017.

Play the game

Above: I hit 1,000 people (or a few bots) the first time I tried Trivia Royale.

Photo credit: Teatime Games

First you create your own animated avatar. You can customize your character's appearance in many different ways, including: B. by the shape of your eyebrows or the flatness of your nose. When I won my first game, I was able to continue decorating my character. For example, I had enough money to buy glasses for my avatar.

Your avatar also mimics the movements on your face so that you can convey your emotions while playing in a 1v1 game. Each encounter is a duel between two people. If you win, you will move on to the next round, 500 players will advance and 500 losers will be eliminated. It continues until you play the last 1v1 encounter.

The topics were everywhere. Each game has five questions in the round. If you respond faster than your rival, you will get more points this round. In the last round, the number of points to be scored is twice as high. Whoever wins the most points wins the round and immediately advances to the next game.

After I won, I got access to the exclusive Royale Lounge, where I could chat and check leaderboards. According to Fridriksson, hundreds of thousands of questions are available, so you can play as many times as you like in a day.

Do the game

Trivia Royale

Above: 1,000 people compete against each other at Trivia Royale.

Photo credit: Teatime Games

After QuizUp, the core team that created the game moved to a new studio in Iceland. They raised money at Index Ventures and Atomico and built a team of 20 people. They worked on many different variations of the game that they wanted to be social.

"In QuizUp we had a social dynamic in which you played real people," said Fridriksson. “We heard stories from people who met on QuizUp and fell in love and married, and that was crazy. I've attended some of these weddings. "

In the new game, they wanted to be able to challenge friends. "It's magical to meet people from all over the world and hit 1,000 people to become a royale," he said.

The team considered offering financial rewards as in HQ Trivia, but decided against it. Fridriksson said he liked that being a winner yourself is more of an intrinsic distinction.

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