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EA Play 2020 – what to expect from the upcoming Not E3 presentation

We're not getting a real Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. In its place, we receive a number of loosely linked "Not E3" events, such as the upcoming EA Play from Electronic Arts. Madden will be showing some of their upcoming and unannounced games during the presentation, which starts at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday, June 18.

But what can you expect from EA Play? Well, you can just wait to find out, or maybe we can take a look and make some educated guesses. Let's get started right away.

Star Wars: Seasons

EA revealed Star Wars: Squadrons on Monday. The publisher confirmed that this is a multiplayer space combat game that also includes a single player campaign. However, the $ 40 squadrons price should also give you an idea of ​​the scope developer EA Motive is aiming for with this product.

On Thursday, EA will take a look at the gameplay of Star Wars: Squadrons. This should give fans an even better understanding of what to expect before the October 2 release date.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is still one of EA's biggest games and should get some news on EA Play. Expect the Battle Royale shooter to get a cross game. This will be done in time to ensure that the next generation systems will have many players when they launch this fall. It's also possible that developers will announce respawn upgrades for Apex Legends for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

What about EA on Nintendo Switch?

During a recent conference call with investors, EA noted that support for the switch is being considered more seriously. That could take many forms. But at least this should mean that Apex Legends is making the leap to the Nintendo Hybrid Home Console / Handheld.

I'd like to see EA shade some older games on the switch, but who knows how much work that means. However, a game like Apex Legends could make money for years.

EA Sports

EA has already committed to canceling new versions of its three annual sports franchises. Expect the company to take some time to report on FIFA, Madden NFL and NHL. This may not be the case during the main EA Play show, but there will likely be a presentation sometime that day.

However, EA Sports has four releases this year. So what is the mystery game?

It is not fight night and it is not NBA Live. The company is working to bring this series back because it is tired of falling so far behind NBA 2K. And the NBA Live team could even try to mess around with different business models.

It is also not an EA golf game – although that is also under development.

Instead, EA is headed Dana White's Battle Island (or UF sea). Expect a new UFC game of some kind to appear on EA Play.


An important question mark is BioWare. This studio is working on Dragon Age 4. Another BioWare team is restarting Anthem. And EA has a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster in production. We could see it all, or we couldn't see anything from BioWare.

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is coming this year, but EA may want to take this out of its emergency E3 presence. Dragon Age 4 or Anthem 2.0 is unlikely to be released soon. And if these are not yet finished, EA BioWare may be happy to suspend them.

EA originals

To complete the lineup, EA continues to run the Originals program. This is essentially EA's stance on releasing indie games. The publisher should look closely at these efforts to support their release schedule while reloading studios like BioWare. This should mean three or four EA originals at the play event.

This includes a new game co-op game by A Way Out developer Hazelight Studios. Fe developer Zoink should also appear with his fantasy game Lost In Random. And EA had previously announced a partnership with Velan Studios. Former Vicarious Visions executives founded this company and are likely to have something to show at EA Play as well.

Battlefield 6, Medal of Honor VR and more?

What about the rest of the EA lineup? It could finally show Respawn's Medal of Honor VR game for Oculus, but Battlefield 6 is still far enough away that it shouldn't appear here. DICE is certainly working on a return to modern struggle for this series, but EA doesn't want to show it yet.

In addition, EA should have at least one surprise in store. But you have to be careful to discover this.

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