Sunday , August 7 2022

Boeing resumes production of 737 MAX jets at a low rate, taking into account workplace safety

The first 737 MAX 8 aircraft will be assembled at Boeing's Renton facility in 2015. (Boeing Photo)

Boeing claims to have resumed 737 MAX production at its Renton, Washington facility. More than a dozen initiatives have been taken to improve product quality and workplace safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Production ceased in January due to the global grounding of 737 narrow-body MAX jets after two catastrophic crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. When the pandemic spread in March, Boeing temporarily extended the shutdown to include the production of wide-body jets.
  • During the shutdown, mechanics and engineers worked together to standardize work packages in every position of the plant. According to Boeing, employees should have everything they need to build the aircraft on hand.
  • "The steps we have taken in the factory will help us achieve our goal of 100% quality for our customers while supporting our ongoing commitment to safety at work," said Scott Stocker, Vice President of 737 Manufacturing. said in a press release today. The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to approve Boeing's corrections and release 737 MAX aircraft for re-flight later this yearand 737 production will gradually rise from its current low rate.

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