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Android 10 had the fastest acceptance rate of all Android versions so far

For a long time, Google had trouble getting device manufacturers to update older devices to the latest version of Android. However, the company announced today that it has had initial success, with Android 10 having the fastest adoption rates of any Android version.

According to Google, Android 10 was installed on 100 million devices five months after its launch in September 2019 – 28 percent faster than the company to reach a similar milestone for Android Pie. Google attributes the faster adoption rate to improvements the company has made over the years, such as Android Oreos Project heights and Android 10 Mainline projectThis makes it easier for hardware companies to create new updates.

Although these numbers are impressive, Google’s post lacks some important information, e.g. For example, what percentage of Android devices run Android 10 – a number that is definitely lower than what Google wants. In fact, Google has effectively stopped publishing the breakdown percentage on which Android devices run Android version after a similar announcement was released in August last year that looked at adoption rates for Android 9 Pie. (At that point, Android Pie had been installed on 22.6 percent of Android devices before Android 10 was released.)

These numbers are also fading compared to Apple, That currently has 81 percent of all iOS devices With the latest iOS 13, this is an advantage that is supported by Apple's almost complete control over hardware and software, as well as by the drastically smaller devices that Apple has to support compared to the countless Android phones.

Still, Google is making good progress and hopefully it will be able to continue the trend with Android 11 when it is released later this year.

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